Air & Sea charter Cargo

Air & Sea charter Cargo

Jet Liner Aviation Technik is formed by a group of Aviation Professionals, founded in the year 2023 The organisation has gathered a plethora of rich experience while operating in the Indian market, resulting in high quality services being delivered to our customers.

Jet Liner Aviation Technik was formed with the aim to have a Quality Services to its passengers and Cargo.

Jet Liner Aviation Technik is located in Mumbai as its Head Quarters. The company will build a strong market position in India and other parts of Country due to the partners’ industry experience and through dynamic competitive climate. Our Management have around 28 Years of experience in Aviation field


 We believe that a business is no better than the people it employs, therefore, we place great emphasis on our people we employ to represent the company. We will continue to be the best in our field and provide outstanding services to our clients worldwide.

We want to work with top professionals who knows the market better, dependable, dedicated and can be relied upon to deliver an excellent services to the client. These service philosophies are fundamental to our approach and important in our firm’s core values.

Jet Liner move a substantial amount of cargo pan India & anywhere in the world by Air & Sea. Jet Liner is the best solution. for air & sea cargo charter services. We give you the exclusive use of a transportation for your cargo any day, anytime to any destination. Hiring a charter plane & charter ship is the quickest way to ship your cargo from point A to point B. Cargo charter planes & ships

We offer generally smaller to larger aircrafts & ships to be chartered as well. Air freight charter planes have a large holding capacity, and the spacious interiors allow for efficient loading and unloading.

By choosing Jet Liner as your air charter provider, you get real-time tracking, excellent customer service, help with documentation, negotiation power with cargo aircraft charters and decades of industry expertise. Air charter is best shipping method for time-sensitive goods or equipment. If your freight isn’t too time-sensitive, our freight charter is the best option.


Our charter services include:

  • Fast response and comprehensive service from the global charter sales team
  • Flights tailored to customers’ specific requirements
  • Aircraft crew, maintenance, and insurance
  • Landing/traffic permits
  • Fuel planning, ground operations, and flight permitting
  • Aircraft handling
  • Special loads expertise and load planning

Dangerous goods experience

  • Cargo loading breakdown—even for special loads and out-sized cargo
  • 24/7 Global Operational control center


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